What is church like? Much more than worship!!!

Much more than worship


Most people encounter church through our worship – the services that we offer each week. This is sometimes referred to as the liturgy. engaging in the Church’s liturgy is one of the most important elements of the Christian life, because it is when individuals come together into community in order to encounter Jesus through the tradition and teachings of the Church, to think about Christ’s goodness and how it calls us to change so that we may live more in tune with that goodness. The church in Geddington has been meeting in this way for over a thousand years. Today we continue to build on that tradition.

We continue to operate an open catholic style of worship that is ecumenically inviting and engaging to all ages. In our congregation we have many people who are new to Church and love the richness of the services, as well as many who have joined us from Catholic, Methodist and Baptist churches. We continue the tradition where incense is used four times a year in the main service to help us heighten our spiritual focus on the really important festivals of the local church; these are Midnight Mass (Christmas Eve), The Easter Vigil (Easter Eve), the Feast of St Mary Magdalene and the Requiem Mass to commemorate the Death of Eleanor of Castile (6th Dec by Royal Edict). The rest of the time what we do is ordered and recognisably church, whilst being gentle, inviting, informative and engaging.

Each week, we come together to give thanks to God for his many blessings – even life itself – and offer our lives in his service. A person cannot encounter Jesus properly on their own, else we simply manipulate him into something that is comfortable and easy to us – in other words, we make him in our own image. Christ comforts, but he also challenges. We need to be with others to hear that challenge. So Christians attend church regularly, even if it feels inconvenient or challenges our priorities. Being a Christian calls us to place church high up our agenda.

Being a Christian is not always easy – it is a life-long journey. But it is in perseverance that we move closer to God and overtime become more aware of him guiding us, walking alongside us, and ultimately bringing us into his risen and eternal life.

But our life together involves far more than just liturgy and worship. There are numerous other occasions when you might cross the Church’s path: the daily morning cafe, coffee mornings, Noah’s Ark toddler group, care in the community, being visited by a church member, fêtes, events, youth and children’s work, study and fellowship groups, baptisms, confirmations, weddings, funerals and many other situations. Just to hear a kind word or to receive an act of kindness is to receive a blessing from God as he passes his goodness down through his people, the Church.

Why not take a look at some of our church videos of people who have been unsure about church, but whose experiences with us have then been considered a real blessing… to us at least!