Remembrance Services – Our communities come together in solidarity to remember the fallen and pray for peace

Sunday 8th November saw the community’s of Geddington and Weekley celebrate their Remembrance Sunday Services with reverence and respect. It was a fitting tribute to the sacrifice so many have made in the name of peace. We were reminded in the sermon of how the evil of tyranny, oppression, persecution, murder and war cannot be located in a single political structure,  religious outlook, nation or even pinned down to a single time. Fr Rob, drawing on the huge atrocities that we have seen in the last few years, reminded us all that wherever tolerance, acceptance, understanding, compassion, freedom, faith and love where not the dominating ideals of society, evil would reside.  It was our Christian duty to ensure that we worked towards these ideals in our own private lives as well as in our wider society. The sacrifice of the fallen, men and women who had stood up to such evil at different times in our history, had given us a glimmer of hope. But such hope could only ever be fully seen in the person of Jesus who calls us all, in another time and place, to that heavenly city where such pain and tyranny would be no more.

We were very humbled and thankful that so many chose to turn out on a wet morning to honour these brave men and women.

At the rising of the sun and at its setting, we will remember them!