Mission and Ministry Groups


The Mission and Ministry Group process is designed to open up decision making to a wider cohort of the parish so that a common mind may be discerned over how to best serve the people of this parish.

They have an especially important function in helping our church to grow in ways of faith, commitment and number. If you feel called to any of the groups, all you need to do is have a chat with the Parish Priest, Fr Rob, who will point you in the right direction.

Publicity Group

Helping to share the life-changing life of the Church with our community through well-ordered publicity and a shared corporate vision. (Attach Publicity Group Terms of Reference)

Fabric Group

As good stewards of God’s house, this group looks to maintain in good order, improve and adapt our lovely church so it continues to be suitable for worship and community use today and for future generations, whilst honoring the rich legacy and heritage left by those faithful and courageous Christians who have gone before. (Attach Fabric Group Terms of Reference)

Outreach Group

Service is at the heart of the Church. Obeying Jesus’ commandment to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’, this group looks to identify people in need within our own community and in the wider world, and provide an appropriate church response in order to help and support them in practical ways and through prayer, so that God’s love may be seen more clearly and they may recognize the blessings Christ brings.

Obeying Jesus’ command to ‘go and baptize all nations’, this group looks for opportunities in our society to engage those who may not normally come to church or may be reluctant to do so, in order that they begin to see just how welcoming, friendly and supportive church can be.

Obeying Jesus’ example at the wedding in Cana in Galilee at the home of Lazarus and at the home of Matthew, this group also looks for good opportunities to party, feast, have fun and build camaraderie and community cohesion.

Worship Group

Most people encounter church through our liturgy and worship (the services that we offer each week). Worship is one of the most important elements in a church’s life. It gives the local community a focus for its joys and sorrows and provides an opportunity for everyone to step outside of their selves, reaching out to contemplate the bigger things of our world as well as focus their attention upon each other’s needs. It is when the community comes together to encounter, serve and give thanks to God.

In a society that increasingly encourages individual success and advancement at the expense of others, church-life and worship helps to refocus on the things which are really important, such as our community, the world’s needs and those who are less fortunate than us. With this in mind the Worship group looks to ensure that St Mary Magdalene’s has a regular diet of authentic Anglican services taking place that help the community grow in faith, trust, mutual support, devotion and number.

Nature and Nurture

The teaching and nurture which our church provides is vital, and as with all of our Mission and Ministry Groups, we would welcome additional people to help us. The Nature and Nurture Group looks at teaching material, work in school, Sunday School, Youth Group, Away Days, Retreats. These are all essential if our community is to grow in faith, commitment and number.

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting more involved at St Mary Magdalene, there are many ways in which you can do this. We encourage regular members of our congregation to live out their faith in the fullest way possible for them, by giving some of their time to help with our many activities and to contribute financially to help keep the life and work of our parish healthy. The money and the practical help that we receive all supports the mission of the parish.

Would you like to join the team? There are many different and important ways in which you could get involved. We would welcome your help and support.