Fr Rob is on Annual Retreat from 1st to 5th February 2016 – find out more

Fr Rob, as with all parish priests, is required to take at least 5 consecutive days every year away from the parish on Annual 32384_114778822015281_49326844_nRetreat. These are sometimes guided and nearly always silent for all or part of the time. It is important that our clergy are spiritually sustained if they are to be able to support us in our spiritual welfare too. You can find out more about the particular retreat for Deacons and Priests that Fr Rob is attending Here

Did you also know that clergy are required to have one quiet day every month, for the same reason. A day spent solely in prayer, reflection and spiritual reading. Quiet days and retreats help us rekindle our relationship with God. If the clergy pay attention to this within themselves, then they stand more chance at helping us to rekindle our relationship with God too. Have you thought of going on a quiet day or retreat lately? Keep an eye out for when the church organises its next ones.

Did you also know that clergy are supposed to spend at least one day a week in theological and biblical study. Study is essential to help us grow to better understand God’s action in the world and what he calls us to be as disciples of Christ. Study helps us to grow into the life of the Spirit. Have you thought of doing a little extra Christian study lately? Why not sign up for one of our lent courses. You can find more details Here