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Another central aspect to our Christian faith is the principle that we do our bit to make the world a better place and that we secure a good Christian inheritance for future generations. Only by doing so can we hope to create a fairer society. By giving to the Church you know that you are not only helping to support God’s work today, but long into the future.

We desperately need your help. Currently we need to generate £1,500 per week to keep St Mary Magdalene, Geddington open and operational, and £1000 per week to keep St Mary the Virgin, Weekley open and operational.

The best way that you can help keep our churches flourishing is to come along as often as possible. You can also help by donating regularly.

Here are some facts and figures pertaining to the financial situation at Geddington Church, going back to 2008.

Church Finance Presentation 7 May 17 CHARTS_c

Planned Giving Leaflet 2017

Save our Church Presentation 7 May 17c

If we can keep our churches financially healthy, then we can continue to do the good work God calls us to today and long into the future.

Please help by contributing each month, just fill in the relevant form below.

Geddington Standing Order Form

Weekley Standing Order Form

Please return to the Parish Office at:

The Vicarage,

25 west Street,



or pass it on to the treasurer, churchwardens, the parish priest, or email a copy to



Please also think about leaving a legacy!

Legacy Leaflet 2017

PCC Legacy Policy 2017


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