Christingle and Midnight Mass

Christingle – 4pm & 5.30pmchristingle_2

Christingle will take place at 4pm and 5.30pm on Christmas Eve. If you have not been before, come along and bring the whole family. Christingle is a short, fun service incorporating rich symbolism and candlelight.



Midnight Mass – 11pm  DSC01284

Midnight Mass is the most special service of the year. It incorporates mystery and majesty as the whole community gathers around God’s Altar to celebrate the Eucharist in rejoicing for the birth of God’s own son. At this service we see the Christ-child delivered into his Crib and are drawn into a deep symbolic journey of awe and wonder as we encounter the telling of the human story, past, present and future, and the great gifts of God in spiritual blessings that penetrate Easter Eve Vigil at Geddington (8)every human heart. The service is candlelit and draws upon the deep architectural and symbolic ambience of our ancient church. Bring the whole family, old and young – even come in your PJs if that is convenient. Midnight Mass will give your youngsters the kind of childhood memories that will remain with them for a lifetime and will fill your Christmas with extra-special meaning and purpose.