A Statement: the Orlando Attack

Our hearts are filled with indescribable sadness by the recent atrocities in Orlando, USA and this week our church has been offering prayers for all we stand with orlandothose who have lost their lives or were injured in this mindless violence.

It was a most brutal attack on a group of people simply enjoying a night out with the friends they had chosen to be with. 50+ individuals died and many more were seriously injured. They seem to have been targeted simply because of who they loved.

This church would like to make one thing abundantly clear. God does not discriminate – only humans do that. God creates us in all our wonderful diversity to be who we are and know that we are deeply loved by him. The Bible is an ongoing story about how we come to recognise that love through a widening and not a narrowing of our perspective. In scripture, Christ has nothing to say about sexuality. If it were such a big deal to him, don’t you think he would? In fact, as we look at the Gospels, we find a God revealed through Christ who is ultimate compassion and self-giving love. Gender, age, race, nationality, sexuality, creed play no part at all in whom Jesus suggests may draw close to God. All he asks is that we love him, ourselves and one-another. Love embraces all things and nothing can separate us from the love of God!

As such St Mary Magdalene, Geddington and St Mary the Virgin, Weekley, refuse to discriminate and fully embrace people of every nationality, cultural background , sexuality, gender and age. At this dreadful time, we would especially like to offer our support to anyone who has been affected by this terrible act of mindless violence and just say that, no matter what your sexuality, if you ever find yourself in need of a spiritual home, you would be most welcome with us!