A letter at Pentecost

A letter at Pentecost


Dear Friend in Christ,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for all you are and all you do. You are amazing!

As Christians we become increasingly aware of God’s love for us through our interaction with God and each other; that love which brought all things into being at the beginning of creation and that image of God which sits at the very centre of our souls. The more we can reveal the God within and recognise it in others, the more confident we become that we are safe in God. The more security we have in God, the less negatively things will affect us and the more we will wish to serve Him through devotion and acts of service. We are all blessed to be numbered among those whom He has called into His presence at this time and numbered as one of His disciples – we must not take this for granted!

We are currently in the season of Pentecost and every day this week the Church throughout England has been praying that the Holy Spirit may transform our lives and our communities, that it may speak to each of us personally and that each of us may be ready to hear it and respond positively to it. I wonder how the Holy Spirit may be calling you this Pentecost?

Sometimes we can feel as though life gets in the way of our relationship with God. If you have struggled to fit Church in recently, maybe God is calling you to renegotiate your priorities so that He can once again take His rightful place at the centre of your life?

If you have found it hard to reach God because of difficult life events or distractions that have knocked you off track, maybe God is calling you to lay aside any hurt, grief or grievance and begin afresh, by letting go of the barriers that are getting in the way?

God is most certainly calling you to take proper care of your soul. How? Well, our Holy Scriptures show us that prayer, acts of service and regular attendance within the ‘Body of Christ’, the Church, are essential facets, which crop up again and again in the Bible – so be encouraged in these things.

Do make sure you join us for our special Pentecost celebrations this Sunday morning.

It is my prayer and the prayer of the entire church that God may speak to you in profound ways through His Spirit this Pentecost and that through it you may rejoice in His holy comfort and experience the true peace of Christ in your life.

With much love and many blessings,

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