A Goodbye from Fr Rob

Here is a PDF of Fr Rob’s goodbye letter to the church: Leaving Letter

Dear Friends,

It has been difficult trying to think of what to write in this goodbye letter. The last four years have passed so quickly and we have done so much together. It is no secret that being a vicar can be a stressful job, but it is also most privileged. Together, overtime, we have grown and shown what a community can truly be. We have laughed and cried together, we have bickered and had amazing fun.

In many ways, we have helped each other model what a Christian community can be; we have engaged in both corporal and spiritual acts of mercy: sheltering the homeless, feeding the hungry, anointing and praying for the sick, releasing people from oppression (especially of isolation and loneliness). We have led people by teaching and example towards Christ, forgiven each other, prayed for our communities and the living and the dead.

Our church has become a place of sanctuary to so many, as we have opened its doors to different demographics and generations. We have become an outward community as we have been happy to be seen and known as Christ’s church in the community. We have lived the life of faith in the most amazing ways. We have found joy in walking the path of faith together, going on pilgrimage, praying, and, most of all, uniting in one common purpose around God’s holy Altar.

The memories and moments we have shared are far too many to number, but I for one will take them with me as I journey on under God’s direction. I will never forget you, nor what we have achieved here. As you gaze into the future, remain brave and courageous, and watch for the mysterious opportunities God places before you. Keep the Faith! You are all very special and you must never forget that you are always loved by the one who calls us to unbelievable things in his name, Jesus Christ our loving and merciful Lord.

I depart wishing you love and peace. Thank you for all you are.

Fr Rob