Young People

Sunday School

With lots of children attending Sunday School most weeks, the church takes its ministry to children very seriously. Our Sunday School is a thriving community of children aged between 5 and 10 years old. Through fun, games and teaching, it helps them to grow to know and love Jesus and better understand their Christian faith. It provides invaluable support to our church families as it enables the whole family to live out their Christian calling by attending church each week together, each member receiving the level of teaching and spiritual nurture appropriate to them.  In our commercially dominated world, Sunday School offers a counter balance so that our children may learn to live spiritually fulfilled lives, develop their relationship with God, discover that inner peace that comes from knowing God and learning how to serve others in response. Sunday School also organises outings and even nurtures a small garden in the community at the Geddington Brickyard Garden. Sunday School takes place on three Sundays of every month and usually begins at 9.30 at Geddington C of E Primary School. At the end, all children are then brought back into church for the end of the service to rejoin their parents. This is a fabulous free service made possible by our band of very hard working volunteers who give freely of their time each week. It gives parents the opportunity of attending church knowing that their children are also being spiritually nurtured at the same time. It is expected that parents will attend the Sunday morning service whilst their children attend Sunday School. All are very welcome. If you would like to find out more please contact: or

Ignite Youth GroupYouth Group Bell Ringing

St Mary Magdalene Church has a thriving Youth Group. We also currently run bi-monthly Kindle services (developed, organised and run by our group of talented youngsters for the benefit of our entire congregation). Youth group meets every two weeks and we have some very grand plans for trips and retreats in the coming years. As our youngsters begin to learn how to grow into well formed adults, it is important that they learn how to balance their spiritual lives with all the pressures of our commercially driven world. It is a chance for them to be themselves, have fun and find friends in a safe Christian environment. to find out more please contact: or

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is a very popular place for toddlers and parents to come together week by week and is another way that our church looks to serve our local community. It provides a safe and fun environment for young toddlers and parents to socialise, learn and play. Every Wednesday during school term 9.15 a.m. – 11.15 a.m.

Worship for AllDSC01295

Our Worship for All services are specially designed for young families and take the form of stories, craft and songs. These are an ideal way for families to begin exploring church in an easy to engage format and enjoy entering into the church community, before making the next step. These services are held on the 1st Sunday of each month at 3.30pm.

Holiday Clubs

During many of the school holidays, St Mary Madgalene’s runs holiday clubs for the youngsters of the village. During shorter holidays these will be for a day or two, but during summer holidays these can take place over a whole week. Notice of forthcoming holiday clubs are posted regularly on this website, on notice sheets in church and on flyers at Geddington C of E Primary School. All those in key stages 1 and 2 are welcome.

AspireAspire baloons

We hold regular symbolically, spiritually and sacramentally rich Aspire services which happen at various times during the year. The Youth Group help to plan, organize and lead the events which are aimed at a broad demographic and take the form of deep symbolic, contemporary and multi-media styles. They have had a deep spiritual impact on all who attend.

To find out more about just a few of the many things St Mary Magdalene Church offers for Children and Young People please download our Children in Church leaflet